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Expert Packaging Consultation 

Packaging and shipping are necessary to get your product to your customer in a safe, timely manner. If they're not done efficiently, they can take up a huge portion of your time and budget.

Packaging consultations address the following questions: 

  • How can we make this process more efficient?
  • Our supplies and storage costs are getting high - how can we lower them?
  • Is our current process really the best way to package our product?

A packaging consultation can help you identify challenges and opportunities within your current packaging process and streamline it to achieve lower costs and quicker lead times - all with less work on your end.

Hear from our VP of Sales, Nick Mihacevich, on what you can expect with a packaging consultation.

How Does Our Process Work? 

We don’t force you into a cookie-cutter process or product. Instead, everything is tailored to you from the ground up. During your consultation, we’ll gain a general overview of your business and product flow. Then we’ll dive deeper and discuss: 

  • Your current packaging materials
  • Packaging labor and ways to automate
  • Costs to cut from your purchase orders and ways to consolidate your packaging vendors
  • Packaging engineering and design process
  • Engineering document control
  • Warehouse space and carrying cost of packaging inventory
  • Damaged product costs
  • Ways to market your company with your packaging
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